Kiln Dried v Seasoned v Green Logs

Kiln Dried

Kiln Dried is wood that has been heated in a kiln so that its moisture content is reduced to a low level. When the drying process is complete, the wood usually has a moisture content of between 6-8%, therefore making it significantly dryer than air dried wood.


Buying seasoned firewood is the best option when choosing which wood to buy from Kiln Dried, Seasoned & Green. Seasoned wood is timber that has been cut and split at least a year ago combined with air and sun to season (dry out) the wood.

Green Logs

When wood is first harvested and cut, it is known as ‘Green’ because it has not yet been dried or treated. Green wood is very moist and if used without air drying or treating, it tends to warp (loses shape) as it dries and contracts. Therefore most wood suppliers dry their wood before selling.